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Services Track Record
Management of Matrix has a stellar record of success. Whether its introducing a new technology. Launching a start up maintaining sustained growth over a decade competing against entrenched rivals and besting them, they have done all that!
Infect, you can say that Matrix has the proven ability of succeeding in the market place, in whatever manner it enters.
Manufacturing facility
Matrix possesses state of the art manufacturing facilities spread over a covered area of 55,00 sq. ft and it fulfills all the necessary requirement at highly competitive prices.
Innovative marketing
When you are introducing a ground breaking product, you cannot rely on marketing formulas. You have to think hard…. And come up with an innovative solution commensurate with the advanced product.
Matrix has been doing this kind of innovation for so long that it has become its second nature! If somebody casts doubt on this claim, management of Matrix has aplethora of successful innovative products to point to!

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